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Commiphora schimperi - Glossy Leaved Myrrh - 5 Seeds
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Commiphora schimperi - Glossy Leaved Myrrh - 5 Seeds


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Commiphora schimperi - Glossy Leaved Myrrh

Packet of 5 seeds of this member of the Myrrh family.

This is a small growing tree from Southern Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe), often known locally as the Corkwood family. Trees of this genus were prized all along the African coast by Arab traders as a source of Myrrh, a precious, scented resin produced by most members of the genus in varying grades. That produced by this tree is rated as one of the better grades and is often sold mixed with true Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha) as a high grade adulterant. It has glossy leaves that are persistent where there is sufficient water, other wise it is deciduous.

Like most members of the group, it is adapted for a harsh life and can thrive where little else would. It has a long tap-root enabling it to seek out and store precious ground water that it locates. It prefers a slightly alkaline soil, so the addition of gypsum or the use of a John Innes type mix would be ideal for it.

In cultivation it makes an excellent container tree, where the pot is deep enough and will happily grow for years as a bonsai. Indeed it lives for so long that it may well be handed down as a living heirloom as it can live for up to 1000 years or more.

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