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Kniphofia linearifolia - Common Marsh Poker
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Kniphofia linearifolia - Common Marsh Poker


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Packet of 5 seeds.

This is a another large red hot poker growing up to 1.5 metres tall. The flower heads are what give rise to it's various common names (Red Hot Poker, Torch Lily etc). This is native to high altitude areas of South Africa and as the common name suggests it is found in marshy areas and by the sides of streams and rivers.

Also one of the hardier Red Hot Pokers, this will survive readily in Zone 6 and higher and is not as susceptible to damp conditions as some of its relations. In colder areas a heavy mulching with straw may protect the plants. All new plantings will need some winter protection whilst they establish themselves.

Easy from seed (full instructions sent with every order), this is an inexpensive way of acquiring these fantastic plants (check my other listings for other varieties of this stunning garden plant).

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