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Cordia sinensis - Grey Leaved Saucer Berry - Fresh Seeds
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Cordia sinensis - Grey Leaved Saucer Berry - Fresh Seeds


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Cordia sinensis - Grey Leaved Saucer Berry THIS LISTING IS FOR 5 SEEDS. Cordia sinensis, the Grey Leaved Saucer Berry, is a variable treewhich is found from South Africa north to Somalia and into Asia (viaMadaascar). C. SINENSIS EXHIBITS A RANGE OF GROWTH FORMS, FROM LOW SHRUB TO AMULTI-STEMMED TREE UP TO 12M IN HEIGHT. THE STEM BARK IS BROWN, TOCREAM BROWN. FLOWERS ARE WHITE OR CREAM IN COLOUR. THE FRUIT ISCONICAL, ORANGE OR RED WITH A FLESHY, VISCID PULP OVERLYING A 1-4LARGE SEEDS. The fruit is edible and is used in a wide variety of ways. Most partsof the tree also find uses in the locations where it occurs naturally. Not overly hardy, it may be grown outside in Zone 9b and up,elsewhere use as a container shrub, which can be brought in during thecoldest weather. It can also be used in conservatories or greenhousesand would also serve as an unusual houseplant or indoor bonsai. For full instructions, see the link on my 'About Me' page, which willdirect you to a set of free downloadable instruction sheets.

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