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Costus guanaiensis - Spiral Ginger - 10 Fresh Seeds

Costus guanaiensis - Spiral Ginger - 10 Fresh Seeds


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Costus guanaiensis - Spiral Ginger

This listing is for 10 seeds of the Spiral Ginger - Costus guanaiensis.

Costus guanaiensis is a member of the spiral gingers, so named because they resemble gingers and the leaves are arranged on the stems in a spiral fashion. They are closely related to the ginger family and thrive in subtropical and tropical areas. They are also ideally suited as houseplants in a bright locations where they will grow well and flower. It is an herbaceous plant, growing from a large rhizome which will send up stems as it grows. Each stem is up to 3 metres tall and will produce greenish yellow bracts at the top of the stems which in turn produce beautiful pink/white orchid like flowers, the effect being very striking.

It is native to tropical America (Nicaragua to Guayana), but due to the fact that it grows from underground rhizomes it can be grown outdoors in Zones 7 to 11, where frosts occur it will be cut down to ground level and grow anew each year. If grown in a pot in a conservatory or greenhouse, the plant is evergreen and likely to be in flower year round once established.

It is easy to grow and cultivate. Easy to germinate following the instructions located at this link.

Variety Spiral Ginger
Type Seeds
Sub-Type House Plants

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