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Crotalaria sagittalis - Rattlebox - 50 Fresh Seeds
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Crotalaria sagittalis - Rattlebox - 50 Fresh Seeds


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CROTALARIA SAGITTALIS - RATTLEBOX THIS IS A LISTING FOR A PACK OF 50 SEEDS. This is a native of theEastern half of the USA.This wildflower is a short lived perennial about 15 - 30 cm tall thatbranches occasionally. The stems are light green with alternate leavesthat are 2 - 4 cm long and about one-third as much across; they areelliptic to oblong, flat, and smooth along their margins. Both theupper and lower sides are hairy. The upper surface is medium green,while the lower surface is gray-green. Each leaf has a single centralvein that is prominent. Occasionally, racemes of 1-4 flowers are produced oppositely from someof the leaves. The peduncle (central stalk) of each raceme is 1-4"long, while the short pedicels of the flowers are about 3 mm long(except the pedicel of the terminal flower, which is often longer).Both peduncles and pedicels are hairy. At the base of each raceme,there is a pair of large persistent stipules about 1 cm long. Thesestipules are joined together, becoming gradually wider toward theirpointed tips. Individual flowers are about 1 cm long; they have atypical pea-like flower structure: the yellow petals form an uprightbanner and a projecting keel that is enclosed by a pair of lateralwings. Each calyx is light green and covered with long hairs; it hasfive long teeth. The blooming period occurs from mid-summer to earlyautumn for about 2-3 months. Usually, only a few (if any) flowers are in bloom at the same time.The flowers are replaced by inflated seedpods that are short-oblongoidin shape. The seedpods are initially light green, but they later turndark brown or black at maturity. Full-sized seedpods are 3 - 4cm longand about 1/3 as much across; each seedpod contains several seeds,which can rattle if it is shook. The seeds are distributed in part bythe wind, which can blow the inflated seedpods across open ground. Theroot system consists of a taproot, from which it may emerge annuallywhere the plant successfully over-winters This wildflower reproducesby reseeding itself.Full instructions can be downloaded from my website, details of whichare on my 'Me' page

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