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Roystonea regia - Cuban Royal Palm
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Roystonea regia - Cuban Royal Palm


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A tropical palm and one of the Royal Palms (there are 10 in total). This species comes from the central Caribbean, in particular the island of Cuba, although it is also found on other islands including Jamaica and Hispaniola. It is a stately palm, single trunked and capable of reaching over 100 feet tall with a spread of 20 feet or so. Superbly adapted for life in the hurricane prone Caribbean, this palms survival method is simple, in high winds the leaves just snap off, leaving the trunk to weather the storm and as long as the terminal bud is not damaged, it will re-sprout within weeks of the storm and regain its full crown of leaves inside a season.

Like its relations, it is not particularly cold hardy, suffering major damage if there are any dips below freezing, often being killed if the temperature dips below -5 Deg C.

This is a fairly fast growing palm that, if fed and watered well, will quickly grow into a sizable specimen, providing the site (or pot) is well drained. It develops it's characteristic fronds whilst still quite small, making it ideal for pot growth indoors or in a greenhouse.

Very easy from seed by following the instructions provided with which I have successfully germinated 1000's of palm seeds.

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