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Cucumis dipsaceus - Hedgehog Gourd - 20 Fresh Seeds
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Cucumis dipsaceus - Hedgehog Gourd - 20 Fresh Seeds


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Cucumis dipsaceus - Hedgehog Gourd - 20 Fresh Seeds

Cucumis dipsaceus - Hedgehog Gourd

This listing is for 20 seeds of this unusual gourd from the Arabian peninsula.

This is an easy to grow annual member of the cucumber family. It's fruit are unusual in many respects, not least of which is the coating of soft hairlike projections which persist from bud to maturity. The fruits are only edible when green and immature. Fruits that have any hint of yellow on should not be eaten as, although not poisonous, are probably the most bitter tasting fruit there is. Each plant is capable of producing over 300 fruits in a single season, which should be harvested when still small and green if they are to be eaten. Immature fruits may be pickled like gherkins or sliced thinly and used like cucumbers in sandwiches and salads.

Yellow fruits can be used for deterring pests such as rabbits and deer. 1 part juice to 2 to 4 parts water can be used as a spray for ornamentals as it will make the leaves taste so bitter that even the most persistent herbivore will look elsewhere. Do not spray near ponds as the same soap like compound that gives the bitter taste, binds temporarily to the oxygen in the water and will stun and possibly kill fish and other marine life. Save the seeds from a few ripe fruits to provide for next season.

So just to make sure... Photo 1 shows edible GREEN fruits Photo 2 shows a mature YELLOW fruit

Easy to grow and cultivate, it thrives in sunny locations and will not tolerate frost. It is ideal as a greenhouse plant or for growing in a pot. In areas without frost it can be grown outside as long as it gets a sunny spot.

Full instructions can be found here.

Variety Cucumis
Type Seeds
Sub-Type Tropicals

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