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Cucumis rigidus - Spiny Wild Cucumber
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Cucumis rigidus - Spiny Wild Cucumber


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Packet of 5 seeds of this unusual member of the melon family.

This is a perennial plant with thickened water-storing roots.  It is a persisent shrub, unlike many of it's relatives, the stems and leaves remaining in situ throughout the year.  It will eventually form quite a shrubby plant, that is superbly tolerant of neglect.

The fruits are like tiny, prickly watermelons (despite being more closely related to the cucumber) and are intensely bitter due to the high concentration of cucurbitacins in the skin. The plants are eaten by various animals as they contain precious water in a land otherwise devoid of such a readily available source..

This plant is not hardy and must be overwintered relatively dry and completely frost free.

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