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Moraea facifolia - African Iris

Moraea facifolia - African Iris


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Packet of 5 seeds of this dainty and charming plant.

This is a small member of the large genus Moraea or African Iris. Some species are also known as the Peacock Iris, due to the vivid markings on the flowers. This grows in sandy or clay soils in the Cape Floral Kingdom and is fairly widespread. The leaves are curving and pointed - hence the Latin which means leaves like a scythe or sickle.

This is a winter grower, flowering in late winter/early spring. As such it should be grown either with some cover or in pots/pans in the temperate northern hemisphere. It makes a stunning show piece to any collection and will reliably flower year after year. The unusual flowers are individual short lived but produced in reasonable numbers on branching flowering stems.

Quick from seed, but by no means as easy as some other members of this genus, it may flower in it's 3rd year. Rapidly spreading it will quickly cover a large area and the corms can be split up for propagation purposes. In the wild it grows in sand or clay, so to get the best out of it, it should be grown in a porous, slightly acidic soil to mimic its natural environment. If the drainage and soil acidity can be achieved then there is no reason why this should not be grown quite easily.

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