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Dalbergia melanoxylon - Rare and Unusual Blackwood Tree - 5 Seeds
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Dalbergia melanoxylon - Rare and Unusual Blackwood Tree - 5 Seeds


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Dalbergia melanoxylon - Rare and Unusual Zebrawood Tree - 5 Seeds

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Dalbergia melanoxylon - African Blackwood

Dalbergia melanoxylon (African blackwood, grenadilla, or mpingo) is a flowering plant in the family Fabaceae, native to seasonally dry regions of Africa from Senegal east to Eritrea and south to the Transvaal in South Africa. The tree is an important timber species in its native areas; it is used in the manufacture of musical instruments and fine furniture.

It is a small tree, reaching 4–15 m tall, with grey bark and spiny shoots. The leaves are deciduous in the dry season, alternate, 6–22 cm long, pinnately compound, with 6-9 alternately arranged leaflets. The flowers are white and produced in dense clusters. The fruit is a pod 3–7 cm long, containing one to two seeds.

The dense, lustrous wood ranges from reddish to pure black. It is generally cut into small billets or logs with its sharply demarcated bright yellow white sapwood left on to assist in the slow drying so as to prevent cracks developing. Good quality "A" grade African blackwood commands high prices on the commercial timber market. The tonal qualities of African blackwood are particularly valued when used in woodwind instruments, principally clarinets, oboes, transverse flutes, piccolos, Highland pipes, and Northumbrian pipes. The timber is used mainly because of its machinability and dimensional stability. Deering Banjo Company uses blackwood ("grenadilla") to construct the tone ring in its John Hartford model banjo. Deering indicates that this reduces weight versus brass/bronze tone rings, and that the wood "plays in" (improves in tone) with use. Furniture makers from the time of the Egyptians have valued this timber. A story states that it has even been used as ballast in trading ships and that some enterprising Northumbrian pipe makers used old discarded blackwood ballast to great effect.

Easy to cultivate, outside of frost free areas it can be used as a slow growing indoor bonsai or houseplant.

It is easy to grow from seed and full instructions may be downloaded from my website, details provided with every invoice or by visiting my eBay shop - Scampton Succulents.

Shipping costs - all seeds will be sent in a padded envelope, which makes them wider than the 5mm limit for letter post, whether that is to the UK or to International locations. The cost shown is exactly (or more in some cases) than it costs us to pack and ship using the large letter service. Items from the UK, shipped for less - incorrectly using the letter service, run the risk of non-arrival due to the packages being returned or held due to insufficient postage being paid. Please bear this risk in mind when comparing postal costs with other sellers and leaving feedback and stars.
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