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Cucumis sagittatus - Decorative Wild Cucumber
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Cucumis sagittatus - Decorative Wild Cucumber


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Packet of 5 seeds of this unusual member of the melon family.

This is a perennial plant with annual stems. The thick fleshy roots grow up to 1 metre long, are tuberous and often fused together, forming a partially buried caudex after a few years. The annual stems are prostrate or trailing, to 2 - 3 m in length, often branched and hairy. The leaves are heart-shaped and the plants scramble/climb by means of trendrils. The plants are reliant on deep groundwater and the coastal mists that often cover the area.

The fruits are like tiny watermelons (despite being more closely related to the cucumber) and are intensely bitter due to the high concentration of cucurbitacins in the skin. The plants are eaten by various animals as they contain precious water in a land otherwise devoid of such a readily available source..

This plant is not hardy, however, because the vines die down in the autumn, the plant may be stored in a cool frost free location, such as a cellar/basement during the colder months.

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