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Dendrocalamus strictus - Male Bamboo - 20 Fresh Seeds
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Dendrocalamus strictus - Male Bamboo - 20 Fresh Seeds


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Dendrocalamus strictus - Male Bamboo - 20 Fresh Seeds

Dendrocalamus strictus - Male Bamboo

This listing is for 20 seeds of this Giant Indian Bamboo species

This species of Bamboo can grow to 17 metres tall and has stems that are often solid. It is evergreen and grows very rapidly and it is not unusual for the young culms (stems) to put on 30 cm (1 ft) of growth per day for the first week or so. It will flower, but like most members of the grass family these are fairly dull green affairs, which do not add to the beauty of the plant. The main attraction of this plant is its beautiful stems which start off purple/green and age to a golden yellow colour. At any time on an adult plant, there can be culms of all colours as the plant puts on its rapid growth.

The plant is hardy in Zone 9 and up, is moderately frost hardy but does not like extended freezes of more than a few days. It is very tolerant of damp conditions and makes an excellent windbreak. In areas prone to frost, it can be grown in tubs and containers, which will constrain its over all size. Easy to germinate following the instructions located at this link.

This species cannot be sent to Australia

Variety Dendrocalamus
Type Seeds
Sub-Type Bamboo

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