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Dioon edule - Easy to Grow Cycad - 10 Large Fresh Seeds

Dioon edule - Easy to Grow Cycad - 10 Large Fresh Seeds


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Dioon edule - Easy to Grow Cycad - 10 Large Fresh Seeds

Dioon edule - Easy to Grow Mexican Cycad

This sale is for 10 large fresh seeds of the Cycad Dioon edule.

Probably the easiest of all the cycads to grow, the large seeds most often begin to germinate whilst they are being soaked in water as part of the pre-treatment.

Originally from Mexico, like all cycads it is a remnant from a time before the Dinosaurs! The plant has a crown of leaves surrounding the central growing point. The leaves are flat and stiff and generally lack the spines typical of other Dioon species. Reportedly hardy to many degrees of frost, although I would recommend that this refers to mature plants in the open ground and that pot grown ones should get some protection.
Becoming increasingly rare in habitat, due to the fact that the seeds are often eaten before they get a chance to germinate and the fact that as a slow growing plant it takes a long time to establish a population in any one area. These seeds are taken from cultivated specimens so the pressures on the wild population is reduced.

In cultivation you can expect your cycad to produce 2 leaves the first year from seed and the 2 - 4 each year after that. ?The distinctive short trunk begin will show after around 5 or 6 years. To produce your own seed (on quite old plants), you will need a male and female plant. The seeds are the size of a grape (perhaps even a little bigger).

Germinating the seeds is really easy and once the root appears and you pot the seedling up, you should have the first leaf a few weeks later.Use as a temporary garden subject (in a pot) or a fascinating houseplant, sure to be a talking point as something that was once food for the dinosaurs!

Instructions may be downloaded from my website, the details of which including a link can be found on my 'Me 'page.

Variety Cycads
Type Seeds
Sub-Type Tropicals

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