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Discocactus mixture - Fabulous Scented Flowering Cactus - Fresh Seeds
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Discocactus mixture - Fabulous Scented Flowering Cactus - Fresh Seeds


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Discocactus Mixed Species THIS LISTING IS FOR A PACK OF 25 SEEDS. This is one of the two generaof cactus that produce a terminal cephalium (a flowering structureproduced instead of new green growth) and comes from tropical SouthAmerica. The flowers are generally white and quite large (much largerthan those of the similar Melocactus), the cephaplium being brownhaired or white (or the cream shades in between the two extremes). Theflowers are scented and often open at night indicating a pollinatorsuch as a moth or bat.The cacti themselves are globular with pronounced ribs with stoutspines. They grow normally for the first 7 to 10 years after whichtime they reach 'full' size and flowering maturity. At that point atuft of hairs appears at the growing point and the first flowers areproduced. From that point on the cephalium increases in size (andoften height) producing more and more flowers each season. The plantcan continue like this for another 20 years or more.Full instructions can be found by visiting my 'About Me' page andclicking on my store link there.

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