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Cyrtanthus breviflorus - Dobo Lily

Cyrtanthus breviflorus - Dobo Lily


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Packet of 5 seeds.

This is a partly hardy bulbous plant from South Africa. A member of the fire lily group, so called as they flower most profusely following bush/veldt fires, this will nonetheless flower in cultivation with a minimum of fuss. The plant grows up to 40 cm or so tall (sometimes taller in ideal growing conditions).

A member of the amaryllis family, it is hardy down to Zone 7/8 and is a summer flowerer. The flowers are bright yellow and number as many as 14 per stem. The flowers are strongly scented. Each bulb produces one stem per season, but the individual bulbs soon divide to form large clumps. A lover of damp conditions it will flower more strongly if it is kept wet whilst actively growing, indeed drying out may cause the bulb to go into premature dormancy.

Quick and easy from seed it may flower in it's 3rd year. Rapidly dividing it will quickly cover a large area and can be divided once the foliage has died back.

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