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Dracaena draco - The Dragon Tree - 10 Fresh Seeds
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Dracaena draco - The Dragon Tree - 10 Fresh Seeds


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Dracaena draco - The Dragon Tree

This listing is for a pack of 10 seeds.

Dracaena draco is a monocotyledon with a tree-like growth habit related to Nolina and Beaucarnea (the pony tail plants). It is native to the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Madeira and Morocco and it is not a real tree. When young it has a single stem. At around 10 - 15 years of normal growth, the stems stops growing and produce a flower spike with white, lily-like perfumed flowers, followed by coral berries.

Soon after this flowering a crown of terminal buds appear and the plant starts branching. Each branch grows for about 10–15 years and re-branches, so a mature plant has an umbrella-like habit. It grows slowly, requiring about ten years to reach 1.2 metres (4 ft) in height but can grow much faster.

Being a monocotyledon, it does not display any annual or growth rings so the age of the tree can only be estimated by the number of branching points before reaching the canopy. The specimen called "El Drago Milenario" (the thousand-year-old dragon) growing at Icod de los Vinos in northwest Tenerife is the largest and the oldest living plant of this species with an esitmated age of around 250 to 360 years (not the thousands claimed in local folklore).

When the bark or leaves are cut they secrete a reddish resin, one of the sources of the substance known as Dragon's blood, used to stain wood, such as of Stradivarius violins. It also has a number of traditional medicinal uses.

Full instructions can be downloaded at this link

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Variety Succulent
Type Seeds
Condition New
Sub-Type Cacti/ Succulents

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