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Dioscorea rupicola - Easy to Grow Wild Yam - 5 Fresh Seeds
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Dioscorea rupicola - Easy to Grow Wild Yam - 5 Fresh Seeds


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Dioscorea rupicola - Easy to Grow Wild Yam

This listing is for a pack of 5 fresh seeds.

A close relative of the Yam, this plant has a unusual thickened, edible, tuberous rootstock, which grows partially above the ground in this particular species. The vines are annual, scrambling up to 6 metres in a season. Although not hardy, once the vine has died back the pot can be stored in any frost free space (with or without light) until growth starts out the next season.

The rootstock can get immense with age, especially in cultivation where it is protected from predation from both pests and grazing animals.

Primarily grown for its attractive heart shaped foliage that are borne on long vine-like stems. The plant has male and female flowers on separate plants. The seeds that follow are contained in an inflated seed pod. Quick from seed, it will soon make an attractive specimen.

Instructions can be found at this link.

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