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Echinocactus grusonii - The Golden Barrel Cactus
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Echinocactus grusonii - The Golden Barrel Cactus


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This listing is for a pack of 25 seeds.This is a very beautiful cactus, grown primarily for its form and the golden spines. It is strange to consider that this very widely grown cactus, perhaps the most widely grown, is now almost extinct in the wild. It grew almost exclusively in one location in Mexico and when this valley was flooded to form a reservoir, the government relocated many of the plants - but this still left the plants natural habitat devoid of this formerly common cactus.

Like many barrel cacti, this is a slow growing species, perhaps taking 7 -10 years before it flowers. The flowers are a clear yellow colour and are produced in rings around the top of the cactus. These are followed by edible fruits that can be used as cactus candy.

This seed has been harvested from cultivated specimens, so that the scarce wild populations of this beautiful plant have not been affected..

Easy to grow and flower, these will find a place in any collection of cactus.  Full instructions provided with every purchase.

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