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Echinocereus mixed species - Hedgehog Cactus
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Echinocereus mixed species - Hedgehog Cactus


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25 seeds

This is a mixture drawn from the many species and varieties of Echinocereus. Known as hedgehog cacti, it is not difficult in most species to see why. Generally small growing, they will form clumps of stems that can eventually be metres across. Individual stems, however, are generally not more than 30 cm tall/long.

These cactus are grown for their flowers, which are relatively large and showy. Mature specimens can produce such a mass of flowers in the spring, that it may be difficult to see the plant.

Many of the species offered here are frost tolerant, provided they are dry, coming from the higher elevations of the southwestern USA where frost occurs and snow falls. I have seen many of these in flower in April/May in Arizona at elevations up to 6000 feet or more when there is still snow on the ground.

Full growing instructions may be viewed here:

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