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Erythrina zeyheri - The Plough Breaker Tree
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Erythrina zeyheri - The Plough Breaker Tree


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Packet of 2 seeds of this very rare and unusual member of the Coral Tree family.

This is a strange plant-most of it is underground! It is a very low growing, deciduous, suffruticose (woody stem only extends a few inches above ground) shrublet not reaching more than 300-600 mm in height. Shoots form every year from the underground stems and die down in winter. This plant has an enormous underground rootstock in which it stores food. The large leaves are compound, with three leaflets, and covered with large, recurved prickles on the midrib and larger side veins. They are light green and covered by rough hairs. The leaves are long-stalked and increase in size as the summer progresses.  The flowers are deep red and typical for that of Coral Trees.  They are pollinated by Sunbirds and followed by woody pods containing a few seeds.

Called the plough breaker due to the fact that it grows in grasslands and as the farmers ploughed up new land, they would often break ploughs on this plant as at the time of ploughing the plant would be dormant and wholly underground.

This seed is expensive to buy because it is difficult to locate and must be collected at a very specific time of year or all signs of the plant are gone and it is near impossible to locate.

Hardy to Zone 11 only, so use as a spectacular house/conservatory plant and like its relatives it would also do well planted out in a greenhouse border, provided the greenhouse is kept frost-free.

Easy to grow buy following the instructions here:

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