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Crotalaria monteiroi var galpini - Small Leaved Rattle Pod

Crotalaria monteiroi var galpini - Small Leaved Rattle Pod


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Packet of 5 seeds.

A much branched rigid shrub, up to 1,.2 m high, thinly hairy throughout. Leaf-stalks slender, up to 2 cm long, mostly less. No stipules. Leaflets oval, up to 1,5 cm long x 6 mm wide, tip blunt. Flowers rather large, pea like, in clusters of few together. Corolla yellow, around 2 cm long, standard somewhat reflexed, tip of keel erect, pointed. Pod cylindrical, c 3 cm long x 1 cm diam. (Picture shows a closely related species with slighty different leaves but almost identical flowers)

Hardy to Zone 9, if planted in a sheltered location (protect from all frost when young), otherwise use as a house/conservatory plant. Would also do well planted out in a greenhouse border.

Easy to grow buy following the instructions here:

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