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Erythrina smithiana - Smith's Coral Tree - 5 Fresh Seeds

Erythrina smithiana - Smith's Coral Tree - 5 Fresh Seeds


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Erythrina smithiana - Smith's Coral Tree - 5 Fresh Seeds

Erythrina smithiana - Smith's Coral Tree

This listing is for 5 seeds of this coral tree which comes from Ecuador and Colombia.

Uncommon, Smith's Coral tree is a small tree up to 8 metres tall with bright green, dry deciduous, leaves and prickly bark. It produces glowing orange/red flowers in large clusters at the end of the branches, the effect of which is very striking especially when the tree flowers before the first leaves appear. The flowers are followed by seed pods containing several hard seeds which ripen to a deep red/purple colour. It will flower whilst still quite small, making it very suitable for growing in a pot. The flowers, whilst stunning, are not the only endearing feature of this tree, its trunk and stems have spines/thorns and the leaves have prickles on the under surface.

The root is a taproot with nodules produced by nitrogen fixing bacteria. The bacteria live in symbiosis with the tree, facilitating the tree's absorption of nitrogen in return for organic substances which the bacteria need. The tree's trunk is woody with irregular, spiny branches. The leaves are generally dry deciduous, falling off during the dry season. The growth habit lends itself well to radical pruning to keep the tree in shape and would, therefore, be ideal for bonsai culture. It is not at all hardy, so will need to be grown in a pot and kept out of any freezing weather no matter what temperate zone you are in. Of course, if you live in an area which really does get no frost at all, ever, then this can be grown outside where it will attract wildlife to your garden with its brightly coloured flowers.

Full instructions can be found here.

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