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Erythrina berteroana - The Mother Tree
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Erythrina berteroana - The Mother Tree


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Packet of 3 seeds of this unusual member of the Coral Tree family.

This is a South American species of Coral Tree, known as the Mother Tree due to its use as a shade tree for cash crops such as Coffee.  It is quick growing and can reach 10 metres tall or more with a similar spread.  Deciduous at the northern/southern extremes of its range, it can also be evergreen if the conditions are right.

It has the normal prickly stems and leaves of the genus as well as the red flowers that are typical of most coral trees.  The seed is hard to come by, hence the limit of 3 per pack.

Hardy to Zone 11 only, so use as a spectacular house/conservatory plant and like its relatives it would also do well planted out in a greenhouse border, provided the greenhouse is kept frost-free.

Easy to grow buy following the instructions here:

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