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Ensete glaucum - The Snow Banana - 10 Fresh Seeds
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Ensete glaucum - The Snow Banana - 10 Fresh Seeds


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Ensete glaucum - The Snow Banana

This listing is for 10 seeds.

Ensete glaucum is one of the largest of the banana species and is closely related to the Abyssinian Banana (Ensete ventricosum). It grows up to 9 metres tall and develops a pronounced, bulbous, base - often (incorrectly) termed as a bulb. It grows naturally at altitudes of up to 8800 feet, giving rise to the common name of Snow Banana. It is extremely fast growing and will make a sizable specimen in months from seed, given plenty of light, feed and space to develop.

It will flower and fruit under ideal conditions, but the fruit is 'dry' and woody, full of large black seeds.

It is not hardy and should be treated as a temporary pot plant for garden use in areas that have any frost. It makes a very good houseplant, generally remaining free from pests.

Full growing instructions can be found in my shop, the link to this on my Me page.

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