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Euphorbia cactus - Rare Arabian Endemic
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Euphorbia cactus - Rare Arabian Endemic


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Packet of 5 seeds of this strange plant from the Dhofar region (Southern Oman, Northern Yemen).

A medium sized shrubby Euphorbia, this is known in the Dhofari Arabic dialect as Zuger and has long been known for its medicinal properties. A cautionary note, however, almost without exception Euphorbia sap is an irritant toxin and plants should be handled with care and any sap immediately washed off the skin. That said, there is no reason at all why these plants cannot be grown for the fascinating shapes they produce.

Hardy in Zone 11 only, this is a reasonably fast growing species. It can be kept to a manageable size by pruning of whole branches and these can be dried off and used for propagation It will eventualy grow to 4 metres or more and form a thorny 'bush'. Any leaves produced by new growth are hardly persistent and soon drop. The flowers (male and female on the same plant) are formed at the tops of the branches during the summer. These are followed (female flowers) by a seed capsule containing just 3 seeds. Dispersal is explosive, the seed pod rupturing and projecting the seeds some considerable distance. For these reasons the seed is hard to come by and always expensive.

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  1. Beautiful indoor cactus

    Posted by Paula from Denver Colorado USA 4 years ago

    Cactus have become my houseplant of choice. Not because they don't need much care but because of their architecture. I have two of these beauties and many other varieties growing in my south facing bay window. The second is a cutting from the first. With plenty of light a water they are growing very well.

Showing reviews 1 - 1 of 1