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Euphorbia grandicornis - Cow's Horn - 10 Seeds
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Euphorbia grandicornis - Cow's Horn - 10 Seeds


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Euphorbia grandicornis - Cow's Horn - 10 Seeds

Euphorbia grandicornis - Cow's Horn

This is a listing for pack of 10 seeds of this large Euphorbia.

This species comes from South Africa, where it is known as Cow's Horn, due to the shape of its paired thorns which look like the horns on the local cattle. It has angled succulent stems with wavy edges. The edges of the stems are a contrasting greyish brown colour and hardened like the thorns that the plants carry.

They are relatively fast growing (the title picture is of a specimen 2 years from seed where the character is already showing) and will form a candelabra like plant given time. It will flower, when large enough, towards the ends of the stems. The flowers are much reduced hassize and form, like all Euphorbias and, where pollinated, explosive capsules containing 3 seeds are produced. Like many Euphorbias, it makes an excellent houseplant, it can tolerate a huge degree of neglect requiring only a bright locaction and the occasional watering.

Full instructions can be found by following this link.

Variety Euphorbia
Type Seeds
Sub-Type Cacti/ Succulents

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