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Euphorbia obesa - Baseball Plant
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Euphorbia obesa - Baseball Plant


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Packet of 5 seeds of this rare and unusual plant.

Very rare in habitat, it is estimated that there are as many as 10 cultivated specimens for each one left in habitat, a testament to its popularity and ease of culture. These seeds are from cultivated specimens and as such the wild population has not been affected. The charm of this plant lies in its shape, starting off like a ball and gradually elongating with age. There are male and female plants (obvious when flowering) and one of each is needed to produce seed. The plants show considerable variation, so in any given batch the likelihood of having two identical plants is remote.

Hardy in Zone 10, light frost does occur in its habitat. The flowers themselves are fairly insignificant, the male flower containing reduced floral parts, with each infloresence having several flowers, whereas the female infloresence contains just one flower. They are followed (female flowers) by a seed capsule containing just three seeds. The dispersal mechanism is like that of most Euphorbia's, explosive, and for that reason the seeds are never easy to come by. Full instructions will be sent.

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