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Euphorbia obesa - The Baseball Plant - 10 Seeds
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Euphorbia obesa - The Baseball Plant - 10 Seeds


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Euphorbia obesa - The Baseball Plant - 10 Seeds

Euphorbia obesa - The Baseball Plant

This is a listing for pack of 10 seeds of this highly unusual and distinctive succulent plant.

Orginating in South Africa, this is a dwarf member of the Spurge family, that shows very distinctive and highly specialised evolution. Known as the Baseball Plant, Gingham Golf Ball and Sea Urchin plant. It forms a symetrical sphaerical shape also seen in one other plant (Astrophytum asterias - Sand Dollar cactus) which also grows in identical conditions, but on a seperate continent - known as convergent evolution. The plant is either male or female, so to get seeds you need both sexes. The flowers are highly reduced structures as in Euphorbia species. Pollinated flowers will produce between 1 and 3 seeds, one of the reasons why the seed is so expensive. The seeds are spread by an explosive dispersal mechanism, propelling the seeds many metres from the plant with an audible crack. This dispersal is the second reason the seed is so expensive to collect.

They are not at all hardy and should be grown in pots in areas that have winter temperatures below about 7 Deg C. Fortunately they make charming houseplants, never needing more than a 12 cm pot, and can be grown anywhere with good light and require very little water or feed - indeed too much feed and water will cause elongated atypical growth. Even seedling plants of this species command high prices, so here is a chance to obtain 10 seeds and have a very good chance of getting a good number of plants for less than the price of one plant (and you would of course need two or more to get seeds!)

Full instructions can be found by following this link.

Variety Euphorbia
Type Seeds
Sub-Type Cacti/ Succulents

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