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Euphorbia Seeds - Super Succulent Selection
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Euphorbia Seeds - Super Succulent Selection


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Pack of 25 seeds of these sought after plants

Seldom offered and when they are they fetch prices, in some cases, of more than 20 pence per seed!

This is mixture of many types of succulent Euphorbia seed. Euphorbia's are generally very mean when it comes to seed production, only having 3 seeds per capsule. Couple this to the explosive dispersal mechanism which causes the capsules to burst, throwing the seeds a considerable distance and you have seed that is difficult and therefore expensive to collect.

The seed is drawn from a very wide variety of different succulent species, the pictures give some idea of the available species and forms. In size they will range from plants achieving tree-like proportions, to those of a more demure nature requiring nothing larger than a 9 cm pot.

The seed is fresh and I have germinated batches of it already this year with rates approaching 100%. The subsequent seedlings grow relatively quickly and an ID is possible after only a few months.

Product Reviews

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  1. A great introduction to succulent Euphorbias.

    Posted by Peter Ashby 7 years ago

    It´s been fascinating to watch the seedlings germinating and developing into a variety of wierd and wonderful shapes. An initial rush of seedlings has been followed by a steady stream of new ones emerging. If you´ve grown cacti from seed but haven´t tried succulent Euphorbias, they´re even more rewarding as they are quicker to increase in size.

Showing reviews 1 - 1 of 1