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Aloe Seed Mixture - Wide Range of Species

Aloe Seed Mixture - Wide Range of Species


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Pack of 25 Fresh Seeds

This mixture is drawn from 87 types of Aloe, ranging from the tree like aloes of Southern Africa (Aloe dichotoma) through to the smaller types (Aloe longistylla and Aloe variegata).  The geographical range of this mixture is also immense, from the tip of South Africa, along the eastern side of Africa through to the Arabian peninsula, not forgetting of course representatives from Madagascar. These are all leaf succulents and have flowers on spikes of varying dimensions that come in shades of greenish yellow through yellow, orange and red. They are grown both for form and flowers and in the majority of cases are extremely tolerant of neglect - of course with TLC they will be truly spectacular.Many of the species have known medicinal properties and it is likely that many more have uses yet to be discovered. Some will be almost hardy and most can be grown outside in the summer, even in temperate areas.

You are bidding for a pack of 25 fresh seeds drawn from the list below. Every effort will be made to ensure a wide range will be included Full instructions will be sent. In ideal conditions the seed may germinate in as little as 7 - 14 days!

Mixture drawn from the following Aloe species:

accutissima, aculeata, aculeata v crousiana, arborescens, aurantiaca, ballatula, branddraiensis, broomii, buchlohii, buhrii, burgersfortensis, cameronii, capitata, castanea, claviflora, comosa, compressa, conifera, contigua, cryptopoda, davyiana ,dawei, decaryi , deltoideodonta, descoingsii, dichotoma, divaricata, elegans, exelsa, ferox, gariepensis, glauca, globuligemma, graciliflora, greatheadii, greenii, haworthioides, hereroensis, humilis, ibityensis, imalotensis, immaculata, intermedia, isaloensis, karasbergensis, krapohliana, laeta, lineata, littoralis, longistyla, macroclada, macroclada v quarziticola, madecassa, mariposensis, marlothii, melanacantha, microstigma, mutabilis, mutans, ngorobitensis, niebuhriana, parvibractaeta, parvula, peglerae, petricola, plicatilis, prinslooi, ramosissima, rauhii, reynoldsii, rubriolanata, rupestris, sabae, saponaria, spectabilis, spinosissima, striata, stricta, suprafoliata, thraskii, tomentosa, trichosantha, vaombe, variegata, vera, vogtsii, wickensii

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