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Yucca mixed species

Yucca mixed species


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Pack of 25 seeds

This is a mixture drawn from nearly 50 species and varieties of Yucca.  They range in size from the miniature species (no more than 30 cm across) to those approaching tree like dimensions.

Many of the varieties will be hardy in parts of the UK.

Full germination instructions provided.  I will also include instructions for outdoor culture of older more mature plants.

The seed is fresh and I have germinated batches of it already this year with rates approaching 100%. Yucca seed is only produced when the moth require for pollination is present - as this only occurs where Yuccas occur naturally, the seed has to come from plants in habitat making it expensive and difficult to collect. This is generally reflected in the price of Yucca seed.

The mix is drawn from the following species and varieties:aloifolia, angustifolia, angustissima, arkansana, arkansana v freemanii, arkansana v Oklahoma, baccata, baccata x baileyi, baileyi, brevifolia, brevifolia v jaegeriana, campestris, carnerosiana, confina, elata, elata v utahensis, elephantipes, endlichiana, faxoniana, filamentosa, filifera, flaccida, glauca Canada form, glauca Colorado form, glauca Montana form, glauca Nebraska form, glauca North Dakota form, glauca South  Dakota form, glauca v stricta , glauca Wyoming form, harrimaniae, mesa-verde, nana, pallida, queretaroensis, reverchonii, rigida, rostrata, rupicola, schidigera, sp Lz1020 New Mexico, thomsoniana, torryi, whipplei & whipplei v.intermedia

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