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Melaleuca decussata - Cross Leaved Honey-Myrtle

Melaleuca decussata - Cross Leaved Honey-Myrtle


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Packet of 25+ seeds.

This is a native of South Australia and Victoria, it is also known as the Totem-Pole. It is a fast growing plant and is a good choice for a low hedge, which has the added advantage of regularly produced flowers. The leaves are carried in alternate pairs up the stem and unlike some other species they are more developed.

It will grow to be a bus/shrub about 1 - 3 metres tall with a similar spread. It produces a profusion of mauve flowers in spring and summer. Hardy to Zone 8 and tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions. It will withstand medium frost, but may develop a purple tinge on the leaves if the exposure is for any extended period.

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