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Eucalyptus crenulata - Hardy Silver Gum

Eucalyptus crenulata - Hardy Silver Gum


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Packet of 25+ seeds.

This is a small, fast growing Eucalyptus from Victoria. It is an attractive plant with wavy edged leaves with a silver bloom to them (the source of common and Latin names). It flowers in late Spring and early summer. The flowers are creamy white and borne in clusters.

An evergreen, it is tolerant of wide range of conditions including shade, as in habitat it forms part of the under-story and is used to growing whilst shaded by taller trees.

It is hardy to Zone 7, perhaps a little lower and will grow quickly where it establishes. Eventually growing to a height of 8 metres or more, with a spread of 5 metres. It will respond to pruning and will re-sprout if cut back to the ground by severe (less than 0 Deg F) frost. This response to pruing means that it can be used as a bonsai or container specimen.

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