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Eucalyptus nicholii - Fast Growing Peppermint Gum

Eucalyptus nicholii - Fast Growing Peppermint Gum


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Packet of 25+ seeds.

This is a fast growing tree from New South Wales. It is quick and easy from seed and has narrow leaves which smell of peppermint when crushed. Like many natives of Australia it is known by many common names, including Peppermint Willow and Narrow Leaved Peppermint, both alluding to the shape of its leaves which closely resemble that of the willow family.

It is an evergreen, with peeling bark, like many of the eucalypts. The fallen leaves and bark quickly decompose and create very little mess, unlike some of their relatives. The flowers are small, white and are borne in the autumn. In habitat, these are followed by small nuts (the fruit of the eucalypt), containing many small seeds.

It is hardy to Zone 8, perhaps a little lower and will grow quickly where it establishes. Eventually growing to a height of 20 metres or more, with a spread of 15 metres. It can easily be kept in check by pruning and can take very harsh treatment in this respect. This means that the tree is easily grown as a Bonsai.

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