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Veltheimia bracteata - Forest Lily

Veltheimia bracteata - Forest Lily


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Packet of 5 seeds.

A beautiful bulbous plant from Southern Africa, where it is also known as the Sand Onion or (more fittingly) Winter Red Hot Poker. This one of group of winter flowering bulbs and is a member of the hyacinth family

It flowers in the autumn/winter after a short dormant spell in the summer, although it may remain evergreen in wetter conditions. The large spiked inflorescence is produced from a rosette of strap like leaves. The flower stem can be up to 60 cm tall with the rosette being as much as 35 cm across.

This species is almost hardy (in fact it will tolerate short periods of frost provided the bulb is well protected by a good depth of soil and is planted in the shelter of taller plants that will lend some protection. For this reason it is probably best to grow it in a pan or bowl, where it can be moved out of the wet, should the need arise. Easy from seed, it may flower in it's 3rd year, although 4 is more normal. For outdoor culture it should be grown in pots for the first 3 seasons.

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