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Frithia pulchra - Fairy Elephants Toes - 25 seeds
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Frithia pulchra - Fairy Elephants Toes - 25 seeds


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Frithia pulchra - Fairy Elephants Toes

This listing is for a pack of 25 seeds.A small growing succulent from South Africa that shares many features with Fenestraria, but is not closely related - indicating that it has evolved in parallel to meet similar conditions.  Shorter lived than Fenestraria, it can only be grown from seed, due to the fact that it forms only one stem.

Beautiful when in flower (the specific name means 'beautiful'), this is an easy to grow succulent plant that is tolerant of a wide range of cultural conditions.

When in cultivation and away from the intense light there, it should be grown as in the first picture here, that is to say with the leaves fully exposed.  When in habitat or with perfect drainage and very strong light, then it may be grow as shown in the other two images.

Full instructions can be found by visiting my 'About Me' page and clicking on my store link there. 

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