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Gaillardia puchella - Indian Blanket - 250 Fresh Seeds
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Gaillardia puchella - Indian Blanket - 250 Fresh Seeds


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Gaillardia pulchella - Indian Blanket

This is a listing for at least 250 seeds of this beautiful flowered plant.

Native to the USA, this is grown either as an annual or a short lived perennial. Either way the plant is not fussy about soil or aspect and will self seed readily coming back year after year. Growing to 60 cm tall with a similar spread.

The flowers are sure to attract wildlife, in particular bees which will pollinate the flowers. Butterflies will visit the flowers in order to sip nectar produced by the flowers. The flowers are very colourful with alternating rings of red and yellow, reminiscent of the Native American blanket, it is known locally by many common names including Firewheel, Indian Blanket and Sundance.

Full instructions can be found by following this link. Use these instructions whether you intend to use it as an annual or as a perennial. It makes a wonderful plant for mass planting in a cottage garden type setting or use in containers to add colour. Dead head regularly to encourage more flowers to form.

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