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Sequoiadendron giganteum - Giant Redwood Tree
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Sequoiadendron giganteum - Giant Redwood Tree


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Pack of 10 seeds of this giant tree.

This is an easily cultivated, fast growing tree, tolerant of a wide variety conditions, but not shade or shallow chalky soil. This is the largest tree in the world with specimens of 2000 tonnes being recorded. It is also very long lived with some trees known to be over 3500 years old..

This tree can be easily trained to form a beautiful bonsai specimen, mimicking the grace and beauty of its larger, wild relations.

Growing up to 250 feet or more tall with a spread of 60 feet. Although fast growing it will take many years to reach these gigantic proportions. Growth rates of 2 feet per year have been recorded in young trees up to 50 years old. It is hardy to Zone 7. It produces small cones, all year round whilst still quite young

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