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Gladiolus aquamontanus - Gladiolus - Fresh Seeds
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Gladiolus aquamontanus - Gladiolus - Fresh Seeds

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Gladiolus aquamontanus - Gladiolus

This listing is a pack of 5 seeds

This is an unusual gladiolus species coming from the Winter Rainfall area of South Africa. Like Gladiolus cardinalis (the waterfall gladiola) this species prefers a very damp location that never truly dries out. Consequently the leaves do not die back when the plant is resting and this also makes for problems in areas where there are regular winter freezes. Grow in a container, water well (but dont let it become totally waterlogged) and lift it complete with the pot to overwinter somewhere frost free.

This grows to be around 1 metre tall, has flower stems that produce 4 - 8 funnel shaped mauve blooms, that have little or no scent.

Easy from seed, but a bit more tricky to bring on. As long as you follow the guidance on watering you should be able to bring this little gem into flower without too much bother. Grow in a loose mixture with plenty of drainage and water regularly year round.

Full instructions can be found by visiting my 'About Me' page and clicking on my store link there.

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