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Gladiolus dalenii - Sword Lily

Gladiolus dalenii - Sword Lily


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Pack of 5 seeds of this fairly hardy bulbous plant.

This species is one of the parents of most of the modern hybrids. Instantly recognisable in this respect due to the sword shaped leaves, the robust flower spike and the shape of the florets.

Another highly variable species, it is this fact that has made it so popular with the breeders who have used this to bring many new coloured hybrids to market. Found over a wide range in South Africa, with each distinct population have it's own variation on the orange/red/yellow colour scheme. These seeds are from an deep orange flowered population. The flower stems in this species can reach over 1 metre tall and need little staking (unless it's really windswept where you live).

Easy from seed, best sown in early spring as this is one of the summer flowering species. As with all Gladioli, it will produce numerous offsets when the corms are mature. These can be used to further increase your stock.

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