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Gossypium herbaceum - Levant Cotton - Fresh Seeds
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Gossypium herbaceum - Levant Cotton - Fresh Seeds

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Gossypium herbaceum - Levant Cotton

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This is a species of cotton coming from sub-saharran africa which has been used for centuries to make cotton for clothing. It is a shrubby perrenial member of the mallow family, evidenced by the similarity in flower form to other members of that group such as Lavatera and Hibiscus. The flowers are followed by seed pods which contain numerous hard seeds surrounded by the cotton fibres. It is sure to be a talking point wherever it is grown.

It is native to arid areas and does not need a great deal of water to thrive. It is fast growing and will reach 2 - 4 metres in height. It can also be grown as a pot plant and this will restrict the height and spread, but the plant will still flower and bear fruit containing cotton.

Outside it will be hardy in Zones 8b and up, though it may need to be grown in an open soil so as not to get waterlogged at any point. It can also be used as a houseplant where the restricted root room will have the effect of producing a natural bonsai type habit.

For full instructions, see the link on my 'About Me' page, which will direct you to a set of free downloadable instruction sheets.

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