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Albuca maxima - Tamarakka

Albuca maxima - Tamarakka


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Packet of 5 seeds.

This is a large bulbous plant, that has flower stems that can extend to 2 metres tall (very tall for a Hyacinth). The flowers are white and nod gracefully in any breeze. It is hardy to Zone 8. It is well known as a source of water to the local people of the areas in which it grows. The flower stem if eaten before the flowers open is fleshy, sweet and full of water.

A member of the Hyacinth family, it flowers in the winter after a long dormant spell in the summer (a reaction to the hot and dry conditions experienced in its habitat. The flowers are followed by fleshy pods containing numerous seeds. It is likely that the plants will self seed if left to their own devices.

This species is ideal for an alpine bed, where protection from summer rains can be provided. Otherwise it can be grown in an alpine house where overhead protection is inherent in the structure enabling the plant to thrive. It may also be grown in an open potting mixture in pots and containers . Quick and easy from seed, this may flower in the third or fourth year from seed.

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