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Haageocereus mixed species - Attractively Spined Column Cactus
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Haageocereus mixed species - Attractively Spined Column Cactus


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25 seeds.

This is a mixture drawn from the 20 or more species and varieties of this South American column cactus. Growing up to 3 metres tall, these are generally slender columns, that branch from or near to the base of the stems. Grown more for the beautiful form of the plant and its varied spines, it also has quite beautiful, if small flowers. The spines in some species are so dense that they completely obscure the green stems, making the cactus take on the various colours and hues of the spines

Easy from seed and capable of reasonably fast initial growth, many species will be over 30 cm tall within 3 years, flowering in their 5th to 7th year. 

Full growing instructions may be viewed here:

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  1. attractively spined column cactus fresh seed mix

    Posted by stephen craven 9 months ago

    these are really easy to grow,even though i started in september i have now 7 growing,they emerge so quickly from seed,i am quite happy with the results,so thankyou so much.

Showing reviews 1 - 1 of 1