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Hoodia gordonii - Queen of the Namib
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Hoodia gordonii - Queen of the Namib

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Hoodia gordonii

Pack of 10 Seeds from culivated specimens and not Available in my Ebay shop....

Hoodia gordonii is a leafless and spiny succulent plant that occurs in the wild in South Africa and Botswana.  Threatened in the wild due to over-collecting, this batch of seed is from specimens cultivated in Europe including plants in my own collection. 

It is relatively slow growing in cultivation and whislt young should be kept shielded from full sun.  Older plants require more sun and appear to have 2 distinct growing phases each year as they go dormant during the height of summer.

Flowers can only be expected on larger specimens and like all Stapeliads they only form on new growth (less than a year old).  The flowers are quite large (22 cm across) and are shaped like a traditonal chinese hat (but still with the five lobes that characterise this family).  Pollination is a complicated affair involving a limited number flying insect species, quite often flies.  The fact that pollination can occur unaided in a UK greenhouse shows that it is more likely the size of the insect than any relationship with a particular species, which is good news for ex-situ conservation.

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