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Hyphaene thebaica - Egyptian Doum Palm - Large Fresh Seeds
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Hyphaene thebaica - Egyptian Doum Palm - Large Fresh Seeds


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Hyphaene thebaica - Egyptian Doum Palm - Large Fresh Seeds

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Hyphaene thebaica - Egyptian Doum Palm

This listing is for a pack of 3 large (31 - 80 grams) seeds.  The seeds are well in excess of the size acceptable for any letter post, so will have to be sent using the more expensive small parcel service.

Hyphaene thebaica is known as the Egyptian Doum  Palm or Gingerbread Palm, a reference to the edible seeds produced on the female trees.  It has many uses, indeed most parts of the plants are used in someway, ranging from the leaves which are used for weaving and thatching to the fruits which are eaten raw or cooked.  The plant contains compounds proven to be useful in controlling hypertension.  It has always been used traditionally for this, but recent scientific research has confirmed that extracts from the palm have anti-hypertensive properties.

The species is closely related to such palms as the Bismarck Palm of Madagascar and the Nubian Palm of North Eastern Africa.

In the wild the plant will grow up to 17 metres tall and it is one of the two palm species which have branching stems (the other being the East African Doum palm).  The branches (3 - 9 in number) have a tuft of leaves at the end.  In cultivation the plants can be kept more manageable by growing them in large pots.  Although not frost tolerant, they can be grown outside in the warmer weather (being kept inside during cooler weather).  The plants will take lots of water, although they will not tolerate being waterlogged, they will respond to such culture by growing quite rapidly at first.  Equally they can be grown with less water, being desert plants, they will then grow more slowly.

Full instructions can be found by visiting my 'About Me' page and clicking on my store link there. 

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