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Ipomoea tricolor 'Blue Star' - Morning Glory - 50 Seeds

Ipomoea tricolor 'Blue Star' - Morning Glory - 50 Seeds


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Ipomoea tricolor 'Blue Star' - Morning Glory - 50 Seeds

Ipomoea tricolor 'Blue Star' - Morning Glory

This is a listing for 50 seeds of this free flowering, easy to grow tender perennial climber

Ipomea tricolor is native to the tropics and sub-tropics where it grows as a climber by means of it ascending stems which will twine around any support aiding the plant to reach whatever light is available. It is most often grown as an annual, due to its fast growing nature and the fact that without proper care (which can be tricky in a plant that can grow a foot in a week) the plant quickly becomes straggly, with only the tops of the shoots producing flowers, often out of sight of the ground. Grown as an annual, the plant is easy to cultivate and quickly fills any space it is given and the flowers, which are spectacular, are lower down and can be appreciated more. The flowers in this cultivar are a clear pale blue with darker contrasting veins and a yellow throat. The flowers, as with all morning glories, open later afternoon and have faded by mid-day the following day.

Sow in batches or deadhead frequently to prolong the flowering period.If you want to overwinter it, then it needs some protection from frost and it will need to be cut back to around 1/3 of its original height to encourage growth lower down.

Full instructions can be found by following this link.

Variety Morning Glory
Type Seeds
Sub-Type Climbers

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