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Jatropha curcas - Bio Diesel Plant
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Jatropha curcas - Bio Diesel Plant


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Jatropha curcas - The Physic Nut

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Grown commercially for the high grade of oil this plant produces which can be used as a fuel for diesel engines, this is a deciduous succulent plant.

Unlike many bio-fuel crops this one does not require more energy to produce the oil than is contained in the oil itself (as in most forms of bio-ethanol). It is a case of sow, grow, harvest, press, filter, burn. The only energy needs are to drive the press and (if necessary) distribute the oil. It grows where grain/other food crops cannot, it does not need extra water (although yields will increase if irrigated) and needs no further processing once pressed and filtered.

It produces flowers around the same time as the leaves are just starting to grow. The male flowers are borne in clusters and the female ones borne singly, both are scarlet. The female flowers are followed by a fruit capsule containing 3 large seeds.

The plant will eventually grow to be a shrubby succulent approximately 6 metres tall. The plant is not particularly frost hardy and will either need to be grown in a relatively frost free area or as a container/pot plant. With pot culture the dimensions obtained will be much smaller. It will form a natural bonsai, if left to its own devices in a pot. Full instructions cultural instructions provided. If required more detailed instructions for growing this plant as a cash crop can also be sent.

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