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Juniperus virginiana - Eastern Red Cedar
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Juniperus virginiana - Eastern Red Cedar


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Juniperus virginiana

This listing is for a pack of 10 seeds.Juniperus virginiana, the Eastern Red Cedar (also known as Red Cedar, Eastern Juniper, Red Juniper, Pencil Cedar) is a species of juniper native to eastern North America, from southeastern Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, east of the Great Plains.

Slow growing, if cultivation conditions are less than ideal it will form a dense bush, however where conditions are better it will grow to between 5 and 18 metres with the tallest recorded specimen of 27 metres (89 ft).  Growing to suit its conditions it can take up a variety of shapes.  The bark is reddish-brown, fibrous, and peels off in narrow strips. The leaves are of two types; sharp, spreading needle-like juvenile leaves 5?10 cm (2.0?3.9 in) long, and scale-like adult leaves 2?4 mm (0.079?0.16 in) long.

Easy from seed following the instructions provided, it can be used as a garden tree or, due to its natural slow growing nature, it can be used for bonsai or container use.

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