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Brachychiton populneus -Lacebark Kurrajong - Bottle Tree
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Brachychiton populneus -Lacebark Kurrajong - Bottle Tree


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Packet of 10 seeds of this ornamental and drought resistant tree which is a native to Australia, but has been introduced to many other parts of the world

This is a very variable tree and will react to its growing conditions. If grown in a a favourable location with plenty of water and warmth, it will grow into a decorative ornamental tree with a normal trunk and crown of branches. If grown hot and dry, it will develop a swollen trunk or caudex, from which a smaller crown of branches will grow. It can also be grown in a pot and if treated correctly will make a fine indoor bonsai specimen.

It will flower in the spring, producing clusters of pink/white bell shaped flowers. These are followed by a hard fruit containing the seed which is held in place in a structure resembling an honey comb. These turn brown and split, releasing the seeds. Care must be taken when collecting seed due the the fine and irritating hairs that are on the external seed coat.

Hardy to Zone 9 (reported to be hardy to 20 F or - 6 C), it is suitable for growing in many locations, more if protection from winter frost can be provided.

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