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Lachenalia contaminata - Dainty White Wild Hyacinth
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Lachenalia contaminata - Dainty White Wild Hyacinth


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Pack of 5 seeds.

This is a member of the hyacinth family that comes from the winter rainfall areas of South Africa., especially the Cape. It grows in wet places and is quite common. It reaches a height of up to 25 cm tall.

A member of the Hyacinth family, it flowers in the winter (February/March in the northern hemisphere) after a long dormant spell in the summer (a reaction to the hot and dry conditions experienced in its habitat. The flowers are bell shaped, generally white with brownish-red markings. The flowers persist for 14 - 18 days before fading. Where pollinated the flowers are followed by seed capsules containing numerous small black seeds. It is likely that the plants will self seed if left to their own devices.

This species is almost hardy (in fact it will tolerate short periods of frost provided the bulb is well protected by a good depth of soil, but it does not like to be overly wet during its resting periods. For this reason it is probably best to grow it in a shallow pan or bowl, where it can be moved out of the wet, should the need arise. Quick and easy from seed, this may flower in the second or third year from seed.

This is a Winter Grower - Full growing instructions may be viewed here:

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